Papersort was an effort towards a centralized platform where students from all over the country can find their college question paper and notes.

Technologies Used - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX

Team - Shashank Prakash, Sayak Sen

My Experience -

I am a programmer who loves to code in Python. Python is just simple and elegant. And I don't often use other languages. It was 4th Semester for me and I was meeting with Shashank after quite a bit. And we are the guys who talk and invention is just a side product. And at the very day the idea Papersort was created. We planned and planned and completed the most of the code base within 2 months.

I was responsible to architect the website and choose appropriate technologies. I knew Python and Shashank knew PHP. I decided to go with PHP since Shashank already knew the language and PHP was being heavily used for Web-Development. I started to sketch out different functionalities of our website as discussed with Shashank. The main challenge was - how to store question-paper/notes pdfs and list them dynamically in the website where once pdfs uploaded it will automatically get stored and listed in the Website. So I thought of nifty little hack, lets define a particular format for file name like [SUB-ID][SUB-FULL-NAME][SUB-SHORT-NAME][YEAR]. And ask all those info while uploading, save the pdf using that name format and read the docs directory and list the pdfs accordingly. Not elegant but it worked like magic.

We kept on coding day and night, out efficiency was not good. We were programmers in process. It shouldn't be taken so long to complete the project but as I mentioned earlier I was a newbie with PHP. I leant PHP on the go. I had a basic coder mindset and implementing ugly code was not hard at all. Now after years, when I'm writing this blog and open the code base to make some changes it always gives me a heart attack to see such un-coordinated and un-modular code. But since then we have grown a lot and hope to start new projects soon in a much better way.

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What I learnt -

1. Writing bad code and still working them out is not a good idea.
2. Why solving a problem is important than coming up with a simple hack to solve the problem momentarily.
3. Why version control system(git) is important.
4. Paid hosting is better.
5. Working in a team may be difficult but a lot better, specially when you got rockstar coders along your side.

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