In SRM our online ERP shows how many class a student have attended out of a maximum hour conducted. And other details like GPA for every subject from semester 1. But I wanted an appication that will notify me how many exact classes I can bunk to be above 75% of attendane. And what's my overall percentage till last semester, so I can make use of it.

I had this idea from first semester. But such android app was already present that served the exact purpose. And recently when SRM changed their User Interface for ERP, the previous apps failed to serve the purpose. And to seize the moment, I started to work on the SRM ERP Manager.

The new problem that needed to be solved was an advanced captcha. And site was loading dnamically. To achieve the task I used Python with Flask framework with headless chrome in Selenium. The plan was to ask the student for captcha once a day and to keep the ERP session live for most of the time. I knew that is too costly, but that was my rookie plan. I developed the Flask application for myself, and it was serving the purpose. This has alot of scope and possibilities like tracking student bunking pattern and applying Machine Learning on it. It is still a Work In Progress. I have to figure out, how to serve such an Flask app to 1000s of student where scraping will be a primary part of it.

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