Instagram to Twitter Bot

I am kind of a person who always is upto something. And our education system isn't challenging enough. Because it has been hacked, there are some basic set of questions(I'm talking about my college specifically - SRM). One mugs them up and gets more than 8GPA easily. So I don't prefer to mug it at all. I don't get demotivated easily once I've given a commitment, but for me also the system is very demotivating for learning purpose. Thus I can be seen either programming some projects, watching t.v series or documentries. I always try to do something productive with my time. So I used to waste 1hr on Instagram daily. Hope you got the pun.

I follwed alot of programming and Elon meme pages on Insta. Earlier I had done some research about how Instagram marketting works and all. So I thought for a single admin who is managing a same page on Insta, FB and Twitter. Does he have to upload his content seperately? So I though lets automate the process.(There is Insta Publish and other paid apps but this was aimed to be customizable)

So the concept was simple. Publish a content on Insta and it will automatically get published to twitter after a certain period of time (to be specified in the CRON jobs). Since I don't manage any Insta pages. I opened a new twitter account. And scrapped 4-5 particular Insta pages and whenever any new content got pushed, my script published that to my new twitter account automatically.

instagram to twitter bot by sayak sen

I soon deployed it to a free-tier Amazon AWS EC2 instance. And it posted some 1700 tweets in 2-3 Months. Then I stopped the Instance and moved on to another Instagram project called Instagram Scrapper.

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