DCube - Journey of a Club that never existed

In private colleges like SRM, some student lacks a lot of real-world knowledge regarding Computer Science. I was amazed in my first day, when I got to know that almost everyone's dream job is at TCS/Infosys etc. Nothing bad, I just don't see myself there. So to understand their thinking process I asked, why a service based company, and most of them didn't had any idea whats the difference between a service and product based company. And it may be completely normal given it was the first semester of our 4-year journey. But then I was again amazed how none of the faculty talked about such things ever.

And So, I wanted to start a club in my college to bring similar minded people together and discuss the required steps to bridge the gap. And I created this website to keep track of sessions and discussions. The platform was powered by pure-HTML, CSS and JS.

dcube club website designed by sayak sen

But Soon, due too much of friction from the department which continued regardless, we were not able to open the club and I was left with only the website. Still some good curated content in the website. Like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Open Source Development, Freelancing, Competitive Programming and Web-Development. Later I joined another Club called SlugnPlug. But soon realized, its a much more difficult task to create a noticeable impact among students. But I'm happy that my club members did amazing, learned a lot from them. I was very fortunate to work with them. 

DCube is Still live @ https://sayak9495.github.io/dcube/