SRM ELAB Print Automation


For all Computer Science students, SRM University implemented a very good way of practising coding problems on a platform similar to Hackerrank. They implemented their own platform known as SRM E-Lab. It was 3rd semester, and we were expected to solve atleast 80 coding problems out of 300. It was pretty simple and neat. Depending upon the course, one would get programming language options from C,CPP,Java and Python. But at the end of the session every student needed to take print of all the 80 coding prolems and submit the hard copy to their respective faculty incharge.

So for every coding question, once one have solved and achive 100% score, he will get a print button somewhere bottom of the page. That means for every coding problem one has to click print. Now the thing was it would take minimum of 3 clicks to open the next question. And another click to print it. So in total it would take 4 * 80 = 320 clicks. So I automated the printing/saving process using selenium/Python. My friends used it and it was pretty simple to use as well. But our CSE department asked us not to use such automation tool since it was bombarding their server with too many request in short span. So soon the automation tool has to be revoked. Although most of my friends used it to get their printing work done.

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