My Journey at Exotel - 2021

A few days ago, on 29th June 2021, marked my first year at Exotel as a full-time Software Engineer. This is the story that captures, most of the key moments, learnings, works, and people who have helped me grow in the past year.

Exotel is the largest customer engagement cloud platform in the emerging markets, with a presence in close to 60 countries. You think of communication, from Flipkart to Zomato, from ICICI to Zerodha, from WhitehatJr to Ola, Exotel got them covered. In your, day-to-day life, it is almost certain that you have already used some of the Exotel Products, in other words, you have used my code. Yep, I do take a lot of pride in my work. 😎

The Journey:

The Impact:



Technical Learnings:

I am grateful for everything. I really look forward to contribute more, change gears and take Exotel to the Moon! 

This is my current Work-From-Home Workspace

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