My take on Data Privacy and how to protect it

Somewhere around 1 year ago, I stumbled upon and from there I found my mp3 recording from 2012, where I asked google to calculate some basic maths. And that freaked me out! Lets dive into the rabbit-hole.

What is Data Privacy

Protecting your personal information from the web, organizations, or applications. It solely depends upon the user, how much personal information he/she wants to give away. But what is personal information?

Why is it important

We all have heard -  

Data is the new oil.

Why is our data being compared to oil? Oil fuels an engine, what does data fuels?

Broadly Data fuels targeted-ads, which is the most important cash-cow for the tech-giants that offers dopamine-driven essential free services. Like Google, Youtube, Gmail, GDrive, GPhotos, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook.

And there are many such examples, basically these 2 things, Ad-Based business model and using the money-power, fuelled by our-data to gain monopoly fast, is what most of the tech-giants aim for. And our data fuels this whole process. It is crucial that we become more aware of these far-reaching consequences of our data usage and how these tech-giants use us.

When you are not paying for the product, You are the product.

How I live Ad-Free on Internet.

Next Steps -

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